About Me

There are two parts to every picture: What you see and the story behind it.


My journey as a photographer started when my first child was born. Time didn't start moving faster, but there was suddenly a very real way to track how quickly it was passing just by watching her grow up. I realized just how many stories would be forgotten if I didn't have some way to bring myself back to those moments. Changes happen so quickly and I just did my best to keep up, hoping I would remember every single moment once they were over. But I don't. Fast-forward a couple years and our second child was born. Suddenly I have twice as many moments to try to hold on to.

The moments I do remember, though, are the ones that have pictures. Just by looking at a single shot, I'm reminded of everything from that time: how nervous we were as first-time parents bringing our daughter home from the hospital, what my son felt like in my arms as I rocked him to sleep, the times we would watch our kids sleep and wonder things about them, like what his first word would be or if she would be afraid of bugs. All those memories are held somewhere in my mind, but it takes a prompt to make them accessible.

So I picked up my camera, and the more I captured for my own prompts, the more I wondered about all the other stories getting buried somewhere in the minds of everyone else. Knowing how much can be called back to mind with a single photo, I wanted to provide those prompts to as many people as possible.

I photograph through the eyes of a parent: Watching life happen all around me, taking it all in and making as many memories as I can.